Cucumber Mosaic Virus


There are no cultivars resistant to CMV.

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The cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) is present all over the world but is more severe in Asian and European countries. The most common symptom is a typical mosaic that can be confused with TMV.

CMV has a large number of host plants and is transmitted by over 60 species of tobacco aphids. It is very common in areas where vegetables are produced, especially cucumbers, cucurbitaceae and solanaceae. Normally, the symptoms first appear at tobacco field borders, close to weeds and trees, the preferred hosts of insects and the virus.

As it is transmitted by aphids, a good control of this insect is critical to avoid losses to this virus disease.

There are no cultivars resistant to CMV. The disease should be prevented with systemic insecticides which have long residual effect and other measures like barrier crops that form a physical barrier between the tobacco field and potential sources of the disease. Planting close to vegetables should be avoided.

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