TN 90 LC

Characteristics Disease Resistance
Relative Yield 7 Black Shank, Race 0 4
Screened (5%) —– Black Shank, Race 1 4
Low Converter (3%) Y Black Root Rot H
Fusarium Wilt 0
Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) R
Virus Complex* R

Has level 4 resistance to race 0 and race 1 black shank. Resistance to black root rot and wildfire, plus tobacco mosaic, vein mottling and etch viruses. It has consistent yielding ability along with the smallest stalk of any black shank resistant variety.

Disease Resistance: L = Low; M = Medium; H = High; VH = Very High; R = Resistant; S = Susceptible

* Virus Complex includes Tobacco Etch Virus(TEV), Tobacco Vein Mottling Virus(TVMV) and Potato Virus(PVY)