TN 97 LC

Characteristics Disease Resistance
Relative Yield 6 Black Shank, Race 0 5
Screened (5%) —– Black Shank, Race 1 5
Low Converter (3%) Y Black Root Rot H
Fusarium Wilt 0
Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV) R
Virus Complex* R

A high-yielding hybrid with good black shank resistance, resistance to tobacco vein mottling, tobacco etch and mosaic virus. Also has high black root rot and wildfire resistance.

Disease Resistance: L = Low; M = Medium; H = High; VH = Very High; R = Resistant; S = Susceptible

* Virus Complex includes Tobacco Etch Virus(TEV), Tobacco Vein Mottling Virus(TVMV) and Potato Virus(PVY)


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Characteristics for each hybrid are typical for that hybrid grown under optimum conditions, but may be affected by and/or changed by environmental conditions, cultural practices, and varying soil types.