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Characteristics Disease Resistance
Relative Maturity Late Black Shank, Race 0 M
Grade Index 81 Black Shank, Race 1 M
Height (in.) 41 Tobacco Mosaic Virus S
Days to Flower 65 Granville Wilt M
Leaves per Plant 18.1 Root Knot Nematode R

CC 13 is the first approved hybrid with resistance to all Root-Knot species including M. javanica and M. arenaria.  Yield and quality are equal to K 326, yet it has more resistance to Black Shank and Bacterial Wilt.  Excellent choice for many African regions.


Disease Resistance: L=Low; M=Medium; H=High; VH=Very High; R=Resistant; S=Susceptible

TMV = Tobacco Mosaic Virus
PVY = Potato Virus Y


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Characteristics for each hybrid are typical for that hybrid grown under optimum conditions, but may be affected by and/or changed by environmental conditions, cultural practices, and varying soil types.