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Characteristics Disease Resistance
Relative Maturity Very Late Black Shank, Race 0 H
Grade Index 80 Black Shank, Race 1 M
Height (in.) 44 Tobacco Mosaic Virus S
Days to Flower 65 Granville Wilt L
Leaves per Plant 17.9 Root Knot Nematode R

Huge yielding variety with excellent quality if managed properly.  University tests show CC35 to out yield K 326 by as much as 300 lbs/acre.  It flowers out late with 35-40 leaves, however it must be topped around 20-23 leaves.  Best holding ability of any variety on the market.  Ideal variety for farmers that need extra time in harvesting due to limited barn space.


Disease Resistance: L=Low; M=Medium; H=High; VH=Very High; R=Resistant; S=Susceptible

TMV = Tobacco Mosaic Virus
PVY = Potato Virus Y


Read All Container Labels. They contain important conditions of sale, including limitations of warranty and remedy.

Characteristics for each hybrid are typical for that hybrid grown under optimum conditions, but may be affected by and/or changed by environmental conditions, cultural practices, and varying soil types.

TMV = Tobacco Mosaic Virus

PVY = Potato Virus Y